Golden caravan

A trade caravan traveling across Central Asia is one of the most popular sights from ancient times. These chains of camels would often go on for years, carrying goods, and were well known for their endurance. Play’n GO have made a slot machine inspired by this famous caravan, Golden Caravan. Players will follow the journey of a caravan of traders through the desert and collect wealth along the way. The theme of the slot is a tribute to the rich traditions of ancient Asia and its people.

This game is a fun-filled Arabian adventure featuring a bearded Bedouin jewel broker as the wild symbol. The bearded jewel broker will substitute for all other symbols and increase your winnings during free spins. This feature can also be re-triggered during the free spins to get additional bonus rounds. When the Free Games feature is re-triggered, the multiplier for the free spins is increased by one.

Another exciting feature of this slot is its free spins feature. When you trigger free spins, you’ll receive a random number of spins. The maximum number of free spins is ten, and the camels that appear on the reels can award you prizes worth twice their normal value. As with most slots, the camels can also trigger additional free spins. During the free spins, the multiplier increases by one every time it appears on the screen.